Endura, to experience the mountains while supporting the environment

by Fabio Fabio
23 April 2021

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For us at Zinermann, sustainability is everything. This is why we pay great attention to the environmental commitment of the brands we resell.

For us at Zinermann, sustainability is everything. You cannot experience the mountains without respecting our land. This is why we pay great attention to the environmental commitment of the brands we resell.

Among the brands that can be purchased in the store, Endura stands out precisely for its eco-friendly soul, which translates not only into the choice of sustainable materials but also in the staging of virtuous behaviours.

Endura's green soul

Since 2018, Endura garments have been PFC Free. A goal that goes far beyond the environmental requirements imposed by law. The introduction of PFC-Free "Durable Water Repellency" has brought with it the need to waterproof garments more frequently.
For this reason Endura has developed a range of biodegradable waterproofing and detergent products without PFC capable of revitalizing the waterproofing characteristics of the garments. No item contains PTFE, which makes the garments resistant but has a very long disposal time, and the packaging and labels are free of laminate and glossy finishes (and are therefore 100% recyclable).

Those who choose Endura cycling kits therefore choose the environment. But also the quality. The garments stand the test of time, last a long time. And the company has planted over 1.3 million trees since early 2020 by launching the One Million Trees initiative. The target? To plant 1 million trees a year for the next 10 years. A goal made possible thanks to the collaboration in Mozambique with trusted reforestation partners (1.3 million mangroves have been planted in the Bay of Maputo area). And if the next trees are planted in Scotland, Endura also aims to become “carbon negative“ by 2024.

Endura garments

A Scottish company, Endura has been a reference point for cyclists since 1993 for those who do MTB and for those who run on the road. Its garments, for men and women, include everything needed for the biking world: thermal jackets, helmets, gloves, shoe covers, goggles, protections, bags and all clothing for winter and summer.

Come and discover the selection of Endura garments in Zinermann stores! You will touch their quality and the extraordinary union between technology and sustainability.

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