The right choice at the start of the season - find the perfect boot

by Fabio Fabio
20 September 2022

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Here are our Z-Experts' tips for choosing the perfect boot.

In Livigno we see the first snowflakes, the peaks are starting to turn white and we are already dreaming of the first skiing of the season. It therefore seems the ideal time to talk about a too important choice: the perfect boot.

One problem, one solution

Who hasn't had their feet frozen on the ski slopes, or had to stop because their boots hurt? This is a problem that can be solved by taking the right steps in the choice of equipment and turning to professionals.

At Zinermann Sporting we provide our customers with a “Bootfitting” service whereby it’s no longer the foot that adapts to the boot, but, on the contrary, it’s through the boot that we seek the perfect “fit” with the foot. It’s precisely in the maximum customisation that we find a solution to cold and pain.

Morphological foot analysis and hull selection

Let's go in order, the first step in the choice of a ski boot consists in the analysis of the morphology of the foot and in the precise measurement of the plantar area by our Z-Experts, true specialists in this field.

We assess the shape and distribution of supports to help you choose the ideal hull for you, based on the morphology of your foot and your needs!

The custom-made footbed, what comfort!

At this point we can move on to the second step, which will guarantee you absolute comfort and convenience: the choice of a custom-made footbed, which provides stability of movement and adapts perfectly to the type of foot. This allows us both to respect and follow the balance of an already “perfect” foot, but also to compensate for the problems of a flat or hollow foot, for example.

This step is crucial: a foot that is perfectly adapted to the insole will in fact be a less fatigued foot and definitely more relaxed while skiing.

Thermoformed and injected liner

The third step concerns the choice of the inner liner, which can be of three types: the standard liner, the thermoformed liner which is moulded to the shape of your foot thanks to the heat, or the injected liner, in which customisation is maximised and thanks to the moulding the space between the liner and the foot is minimal.

Also in this case, as this is a super customised service, it will be crucial to understand what the skier's goals are in terms of comfort and performance.

Bye bye granny socks

The last point, too often underestimated, is the choice of socks. It should be technical, warm, breathable and above all the right size. Let's dispel the myth that a thicker sock is also warmer. On the contrary, the thicker the sock, the less sensitive it is.

Also in this case, once you arrive in the store, we will be able to advise you on the product that best suits your needs!

What can we say? The skiing season is just around the corner and we are here in the shop, ready to give you the best advice. A comfortable skiing, without aching and cold feet, is a much more pleasant experience.

We are waiting for you at Zinermann Sporting.

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The right choice at the start of the season - find the perfect boot

Here are our Z-Experts' tips for choosing the perfect boot.



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