On, the best for your running

by Richard Richard
23 April 2021

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Among our top brands, On is the best for your running shoes.

Among our flagship brands, On is the best for your running shoes. The secret of the On running shoes lies in the CloudTec technology, a special extremely adaptive sole capable of slowing the heartbeat and preventing the muscles from making excessive effort. Reacting to everyone's running style, the elements compress both vertically and horizontally. Each of us, in fact, rests his foot on the ground in a different way. But the On running shoes always guarantee a soft landing. The advantage? By straining your muscles less, you can run longer without too much effort. In addition, the elements expand rapidly when you lift your foot giving you a propulsive thrust.

On running shoes, a shoe for every running style

On running shoes start from a premise: everyone has his own very personal running style. The perfect footwear must facilitate every run and must allow you to run longer and faster without consuming additional energy. Offering maximum comfort and enhancing individual potential, the On shoes limit the activation of the muscles and reduce the heartbeat.

The credit goes to the CloudTec® system, to those little cylinders that make up the sole and which are called “clouds”. Each one performs the function of compression and expansion independently, and simultaneously as a whole. In this way, the impact of the foot with the ground generates both vertical and horizontal force regardless of whether the runner places the heel, midfoot or forefoot first.

How do On running shoes limit the action of the muscles? Each time the foot lands, it transmits vibrations to the whole body. The clouds, compressing horizontally, absorb those vibrations and the runner consumes less energy and has less chance of getting injured.

Are you a professional runner, or a simple enthusiast? Come to the shop! We will find the perfect On shoes for you!

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On, the best for your running

Among our top brands, On is the best for your running shoes.


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