How to make the best use of the E-MTB Electric Mountain Bike

by Richard Richard
23 April 2021

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Today it is well established that E-MTB are pure fun means of transport, to travel the trails without problems and with less effort.

E-MTBs are suitable for everyone and sometimes they even put the professional biker and the beginner on the same level. Riding with E-MTBs allows us to do unimaginable things, compared to a muscular MTB.

With the E-MTB the routes that are considered epic become within everyone's reach. The most extreme climbs, the really challenging ones, become beautiful and sustainable! But be careful, you always need to keep the battery level under control, even though today with the new engines and new batteries we have more and more autonomy.

Simple rules for an E-MTB ride

Charge all the battery

Before an E-MTB ride, it is mandatory to charge the entire battery. It might be obvious, but going out for a long and perhaps isolated ride, without having recharged the whole battery, is not a good idea. You shouldn't be anxious to save on your rides, just because you have decided to take a risk by going out with little charge. Seeing the last battery mark flash is never nice.

Always with the first mode

Whenever possible, use the first mode of the engine, usually called ECO. The pedaling remains almost always constant, the legs work, you never go out of the threshold and the motor always runs in torque, consuming less and saving the battery.

Forget the turbo

Forget the greater mode of the engine, it is too easy, it’s better work a little to increase your satisfaction.

Downhill with the intermediate mode

The third and fourth modes are useful for relaunching the bicycle on single trails.

Enjoy the panorama

Uphill, with the muscular MTB, it often happens to always be at the maximum and the panorama becomes a blurred outline. With E-MTB the climbs become pure enjoyment and the panorama becomes the hiking companion. Fatigue decreases and the amazement of the views increases!


Strava is the social network for cyclists (and sportsmen in general). It is a coach, a generator of motivation, enthusiasm and personal satisfaction. Most bikers use STRAVA but I recommend: do not cheat and always specify that you are using an E-MTB. The community will appreciate, grinding miles on an E-MTB is as easy as taking candy from a child.

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