Ortovox for the environment

by Zinermann Zinermann
10 November 2022

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A concrete sustainability. The need to share the values of our suppliers.

Here we are today writing about an increasingly topical issue: sustainability. A sustainability to which we are called every day by the environment itself, which continues to send us strong and disruptive signals.

As a sports shop, as sports enthusiasts, and given our close connection to the Livigno area and nature, we cannot and will not turn a blind eye! It is crucial for us to do our utmost to protect the environment.

The question arises: what are the impactful choices for a sports shop? The answer is not as simple: many everyday attitudes can certainly help in protecting the environment. One basic factor, however, is the choice of suppliers: for us at Zinermann Sporting, it is essential to work with companies that respect the values in which we believe and first and foremost environmental protection. In this regard, we would like to tell you about Ortovox!

The environmentally friendly business and social commitment of Ortovox

Ortovox is a brand that has been pursuing an eco-friendly mission for years and expresses its love for the environment by working hard around firm pillars:

  • Animal welfare. Referring especially to Merino sheep, Ortovox's most important suppliers, the company as a whole, and in particular the farmers in Tasmania, care about the all-round protection and well-being of the animal;
  • Climate protection and environmental protection. Ortovox has long been committed to the significant reduction of emissions: from 2023 the company will be completely climate-neutral and from the same year the entire collection will be manufactured entirely without the use of PFC.

But there is also another aspect that is close to our hearts, which has a double benefit, for the environment and for the consumer: the durability of Ortovox products, a distinguishing feature of the brand. In the words of the company: “The most sustainable product is the one we already own”, and nothing could be truer. The most environmentally-conscious move Ortovox makes is to produce quality garments that are useful over long periods and are easily repairable. In this way any waste is minimised and the resources used are optimised.

Not only environment and climate, however, but also and above all social responsibility: Ortovox employees work under fair and safe conditions, which are constantly monitored by an audit department.

Ortovox and Zinermann Sporting

What more could you want from a supplier when environment and people are placed at the centre of the business? To be a dealer of a brand that is based on these principles and values is an honour for us who take small steps every day towards protecting what is an enormous treasure.

We only need to look out of the window to be reminded every day how important it is to take care of the beautiful landscapes around us, which fill our eyes with wonder and our lungs with fresh air.

We look forward to seeing you at Zinermann Sporting, for a responsible, sustainable and quality shopping!

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