Blossom Skis - the tailor-made ski

by Zinermann Zinermann
19 December 2022

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The story of a brand that is passion, quality and expertise. At Zinermann Sporting, the product choice is conscious.

Livigno, snow, sport and skiing. Now something more is needed: the right ski and we have it. We have a partner who deserves all your attention: we are talking about Blossom Skis!

Blossom Skis, a story of rebirth

Blossom Skis is a company with no less than 23 years of experience, founded in 1999 in Valchiavenna, and just as its name says, it is the symbol of rebirth, the rebirth in ski production.

The best creations always come from passionate people, who personally try out products and are familiar with needs and critical points. Blossom Skis in this sense is certainly no exception.

The idea came from Franco Moro and Luciano Panatti, two friends who share the passion for skiing and has continued over the years with a renewed company structure and an important contribution of people, ideas and points of view that make Blossom Skis products what they are today: a synonym for great quality!

Mission and production technology of Blossom Skis

The mission of Blossom Skis, which is also its greatest strength, is certainly the tailoring of its products: the company directly controls all stages of production, strictly and 100% made in Italy, and ensures the quality of the materials used.

We at Zinermann Sporting share much in this philosophy: when a customer enters our shop, what we always try to do is to find the most suitable product, the one that seems to be tailor-made. The same applies to services, such as boot´Čütting: proof that from customisation of products and services always comes good results.

Blossom Skis? They are fantastic, perfectly responding to different technical capabilities and different types of snow and slopes. The tailoring of the skis and the desire to achieve a high level result, lead Blossom Skis to use production techniques that are always super up-to-date, advanced and modern, giving products unique features. Find out more details on, you will be fascinated!

The variety of Blossom Skis lines

We would like now to give a quick overview of the different ski lines produced by Blossom Skis. Let's start with SQUADRA CORSE, designed and created exclusively as a race line, a real guarantee for sportspeople who, despite the competition, do not give up skiing that is above all fun. We then move on to the NUMERI UNO line, with special proposals for the female world. Very versatile and suitable both for those who are about to make their first turns and for those who compete at amateur level. Then again: TURBO is the absolutely perfect option for those who, in addition to the piste, love fresh snow and want to give free and imaginative skiing a go. Finally we find FORMULA and one word will be enough to understand us: powder! We are talking about the perfect ski for adrenalin-fuelled skiing, on powdery peaks or in snow parks, for those who are always looking for a thrill.

Blossom Skis and Zinermann Sporting

We can only promote this brand and invite you to the shop to judge for yourself the quality of these products, which are ready to give you wonderful thrills on the track!

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