Your customized ski boot: in Livigno, exclusively at Zinermann!

by Zinermann Zinermann
08 February 2017

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Choosing your boots is quite a challenge, so being able to rely on the assistance of specialist and competent technicians, the Z Sport Experts, both before and after the purchase is the best guarantee against any annoying and painful problems. Thanks to years of experience and specialist training courses in boot fitting, the Z Sport Experts at Zinermann in Livigno have achieved top-level expertise in boot customization and are able to mould the whole boot adapting it to your foot. Whether you are an athlete or a ski enthusiast or a snowboarder, at Zinermann you will find cutting edge technologies to customize your boots. How? Thanks to the brand new state-of-the-art machine just arrived in the store, exclusively in Livigno, only at Zinermann, you'll be able to get your perfectly customized boots in a single operation that includes the foot analysis, the insole customization and the fitting of your made to measure inner lining.

During the foot analysis, the Z Sport Experts at Zinermann assess the individual anatomical characteristics of your feet to determine the size and volume of your foot and the boot that is best suited to your requirements and needs. This is followed by the creation of the insole, which is made to measure and crafted with the utmost care so that your foot will be stabilized and perfectly positioned inside the boot. That way, you will have a perfect fit, with optimized support, and you'll be able to enjoy total comfort and sensibility in the transmission of movement. Forget your old boots, and the pressure and rubbing on your feet that made you look forward to the end of the day on the snow. Let the Z Sport Boot Fitting Experts take care of you!

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