Sport Adventure: SKATEBOARDING DAY 2016

by Zinermann Zinermann
14 June 2016

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Skater, are you ready to invade your city?

On 21 June, the entire city will be literally occupied by skateboard lovers from Milan, Turin, Rome, Naples, all the way to Paris and all the main international capitals.The international skaters meeting, the Go skateboard day wild in the street", is an annual event since 2004 that is recognised by the International Association of Skaters (IASC).

Are you interested to know how this all started? Since the 1980s, the skateboard started to become more popular with groups of young people, with clothing appropriate to the musical genres loved by skaters, hip hop and punk. In recent years, skaters have tended to follow mass trends, whilst differentiating themselves with spectacular and often dangerous performances.Want to know more? Contact the Z Sport ExpertsFrom Sport Adventure in Livigno you'll find all the latest models of skateboards and the trendiest clothing of the moment.

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