MONTANA RACE EDGE partners the Zinermann Laboratory

by Zinermann Zinermann
10 November 2016

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Zinermann is continuing its partnership with Montana, a leading company in the manufacture of machinery for ski and snowboard repair.This season as well, it will be using Montana Race Edge, the machine which revolutionised how we sharpen edges. At the Zinermann Ski Service, you’ll be able to request the highest performance edge sharpening to the Z Sport Experts, thanks to the most advanced Montana technology which symbiotically fuses electronics, computing, pneumatics and mechanics.Do you prefer a softer ski or a ski with more grip? Thanks to Montana machinery, we can create your perfect skis.In fact, thanks to the Montana Race Edge machine, your race skis will be ready to use and perfectly sharpened all along the sidecut, including the tip and tail. But that’s not all. Our sharpened edges will last longer than usual, giving your skis unrivalled glide, as proven by athletes and World Cup professionals! Are you an amateur skier? Don’t worry, a ski with super sharpened edges from the Zinermann Ski Service is extremely easy to use!What are you waiting for? Come and find us and discover the new frontier of edge sharpening at the Zinermann Laboratory in Livigno.

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