AllMtn PW-X2, new generation electric MTB

by Claudia Claudia
23 April 2021

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Electric MTB? In Zinermann stores you can find them (and try them). We are in fact Haibike brand resellers.

Electric MTB? In Zinermann stores you can find them (and try them). We are in fact Haibike brand resellers, the first manufacturer to have exhibited at Eurobike an electric MTB suitable for off-road use. A company that over the years has marked several firsts: the first all mountain e-bike that will lead the way to all-travel electric bikes, the first enduro electric bicycle, the first downhill e-bike.

The flagship model? The AllMtn PW-X2 range.

AllMtn PW-X2, the geometry

The first feature of the AllMtn PW-X2? The wheels of two different sizes. The 29“ front one allows you to tackle obstacles and proceed along the track safely, the 27.5“ rear one facilitates traction. This conformation guarantees freedom of movement especially when the descent becomes challenging. The carbon frame, on the other hand, has a longer reach: the 460mm chainstays have been extended by 5mm to promote greater stability and easier climbing, while preserving all the agility of models with shorter chainstays. In the AllMtn PW-X2, in fact, the entire geometry has been revisited: the back rear travel has been increased to 160mm, and the steering angle has been flattened. All for safety benefit.

A new engine with a natural feeling of use

The real innovation of the AllMtn PW-X2 range lies in the Yamaha PW-X2 engine and the battery capacity increased to 600Wh. The steeper climbs are tackled in a more advanced position thanks to the tighter angled seatpost tube and the torque has been improved in all assistance modes.

Sporty and super efficient, the new engine gives a feeling of natural use. Its strengths? More assistance with a high pedaling cadence, automatic support for eMTBs, Extra Power mode and Quad Sensor system.

Come and try the AllMtn PW-X2 electric MTB at Zinnemann stores!

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